November 2nd, 2008

Knitting Lady Kluck

Knitting Knews!

Finished Gloves

I have finished the gloves for Chris! They are very warm and fuzzy, nowhere near perfect, but more then acceptable for me to send them off to Chris confident that he'll enjoy them. They were so quick to make and although a little bit fiddly with all the finger-holes, not very difficult to do at all. Now I need to make myself a pair!

These turned into a bit of an exchange between Chris and I, he in turn made me a beautiful painting of some kookaburras which I request. It came out beautifully, of course. 

TTL Mystery Socks!TTL Mystery Socks!

I've started knitting the Through The Loops Mystery Sock project which I've been following on Ravelry. Finally a project to use my megaboots sock yarn on! I've been waiting for a project like this!
"Mystery" knit-a-longs are particularly fun for me. The basic premis of them is that you don't really know what you're going to end up knitting, really. You know it's going to be a sock, and you're given recommended color choices and needles, but that's it really.
Over the course of several weeks, then, you are given bits and pieces of the pattern to knit. For example; the first week you might be given how many stitches to cast on and the instructions to just knit the cuff. Then you wait a week and then get another "Clue" which is the pattern to knit the leg of the foot, then the next week you'll get the instructions for the heels, etc. right on through to the toe when you have a complete sock!

In the photos above I'm roughly halfway through the second Clue to knit the leg of the sock.
This is a fantastic example of another reason why I love "Mystery"-a-longs, and that's because I'll end up knitting something that I might not necessarily have picked to knit on my own if just seeing the final project.

Noro Silk Scarf

And then, on the other hand, sometimes I see something on a blog, or on Ravelry and I know that I want one just like it.
My Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn has gone to immediate and good use in this Silk Kerchief. It's simply designed and knit (great "brainless" knitting if you will) and it's EXACTLY like the example I saw on Ravelry, even the colors. But can you blame me? Look how beautiful!
Noro has yet to fail on me.
It's also amusing seeing the difference in thickness between the Noro Silk Garden and the Noro Kureyon sock yarns. It seems Noro listened to the complaints from Kureyon, as the Silk Garden yarn has very little thin bits, and the bits that ARE thin are nowhere near the snapping point Kureyon was.
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Earth Child

Coffs Creek Walk

Today, since it was still overcast but not raining. Not sweltering hot, or too chilly, mum and I decided to go and do the Coffs Creek Walk path we've only been meaning to do forever. It's a bush-walk that basically runs along the creek that snakes its way through the centre of town.

Coffs Creek Walk

It's a salt water creek and is fed by the ocean and thus rises and falls with the tide. Along the shores are huge mangrove beds, and so much of the twisty turny pathway is up on boardwalks.

Coffs Creek Walk

But it also took us around the back of other out of the way places, such as the back of the Show Arena where all the old horse stables were.

Coffs Creek Walk

The whole loop is a good, long 9km walk. Mum and I completed the whole thing in roughly three hours which included a bit of a rest stop to get lunch at a small shop. It was a really remarkable walk though. We had a great time, saw lots of beautiful flowers, ran into some good messages:

Coffs Creek Walk

Ran into lots of charming locals:

Coffs Creek Walk

Coffs Creek Walk

And even came across some charming pieces of art tucked away in random corners:
Coffs Creek Walk Coffs Creek Walk Coffs Creek Walk

I have to admit though, my legs are really sore now after all that walking! A sure sign I'm not doing enough.
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