September 2nd, 2009

Deep Green Forest

Tiny Friends

365 020
I remember thinking, packing my camera on my way down to Canberra "oh man! I'll definitly have to get a 365 portrait somewhere in the capital!" But then, I was so on edge, and focused, and distracted by the damn interview I completely forgot and I never got it. I remember realizing this as I was boarding the plane to head back up to Coffs: DOH!
Oh well, it's much sunnier and warmer up here on the Coffs Coast anyways.
I may go on and on about how much I love Summer (and I do!) but Spring holds my heart. This by far is my favourite season, even living back in the States. I'm always the happiest in Springtime.

Not only because it's warming and there's new growth and all the beautiful flowers, but because all the critters start to be active again, I've come across so many little surprising buddies out and about in the garden here.
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