April 22nd, 2010

Knitting Lady Kluck

Knitting For Friends

Misnomer Socks

Today's little bit of happy is knitting. Of COURSE knitting makes me happy! It's my #1 most enjoyable hobby of all time (I've now been knitting longer then anything else! Except maybe drawing...)
But more then knitting itself, I love knitting for my friends. These are bound for a friend of mine overseas; it's a bit intimidating knitting a pair of socks when the recipient's feet is not around to check measurements on...
This is also my first time knitting a sock from the toe up! So far I'm enjoying it; I'm a bit dubious about the heel coming up though...

Another small happy is for my local libraries! I was able to track down not only a copy of the next Dark Tower Series books, but the one that follows after it as well! I'm all set for reading material for another couple of weeks!