April 23rd, 2010

life is simple

A Warm Cup of Chai

Today's little bit of happy is a new luxury of mine I've gotten into the habit of.

Warm Chai

Each morning I brew myself up a little cup of Chai Tea. I love it; the sweetness from local honey to the warm, earthy smell of the spices.
That little tea-strainer ball on a chain also makes me very happy.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Earth Day. I generally seem to rely on the various blogs that I follow to keep track of holidays such as that, and as most of the blogs I visit are American-based, and I am a day ahead of them, I end up feeling a bit behind when I can't remember the days on my own; just goes to show I need to get in a much better habit of using my calendar!

Another BIG happy is getting back onto high(er) speed internet! The house is on a very odd plan at the moment, where if you go over it's limit everything gets slowed down to dial-up speed. I've been dealing with s l o w internet for the past two weeks, faster internet is wonderful!