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Happy New Year

And a happy 2007 to you all!

I had an absolutely horrid start to new years eve (I've been sandwiched into my current parking spot (again), couldn't drive the car, ended up at work 30 min. late due to T-suckiness, couldn't take a break at work because of this, busy day with lots of animals, found out I might have to work New Years Day EVEN THOUGH I worked Chrismas) and I was so frustrated and upset and emo about a generally crappy 2006 that I wrote an email to Chris saying that I wasn't in the mood to celebrate 2006 and I just wanted a quiet, peaceful night at home. I almost asked him to go find something else to do just so I could be angsty and grumpy by myself and wouldn't have to share that with him but I knew that'd just hurt his feelings, so I didn't push it.

Luckily, I got home, got a big hug from Chris and started to feel a bit better. I also got a call from Steve, saying that he and Andy and Jay were all in the commons for First Night and that it wasn't -too- cold out and we should go join them! So... why the hell not, right?
Got bundled up (pj's under jeans make the WORLD of difference keeping warm) and met up with the guys, watched the spectacular fireworks display over the commons (they were SO close to the ground!) Wandered around the commons, looking at the ice sculptures and being amused at the random SURPRISE HAVE MORE FIREWORKS! That started and stopped for a good hour and a half after the main show.

Went out to Davis square to eat some tasty italian food and then Chris and I head back home, as I was exhausted and sore (all day on my feet at work and all evening on my feet in the city does not make for happy thighs : / )
I ended up passing out as soon as we got home and slept right through the stroke of midnight, right through to ten o'clock this morning (which means that I don't have to work today after all!) I feel great.

I've  been making a lot of steps to try and better my life and my general outlook on it, including quitting my raiding organization on WoW which, I think, had the most detrimental effects on my social/love/living life.
I've picked up a lot of crafting projects of late and a lot of books.
Which brings me to:
New Years Resolutions!
*
*Knit more **
*Photograph more **
*Create more **
*Exercise more **
*Give more
*Keep in touch with others (letters, e-mail, LJ)
*If depression persists, seek professional help
*Don't be afraid of big changes, or having to make hard decisions

** Document these things in LJ!

There's been a lot of Stuff going on in my life, some good and some bad, I feel like I need to explain myself, to seek for forgiveness. I know I have to do that, actually, especially to people who are close to me, but although LJ is a wonderful tool, this is not the place.
It will happen, trust me.

Now it's a cold rainy wintery day here in New England, the perfect day to curl up with a cup of tea, or take a soak in the tub and read a good book. I think I'm going to do just that.
I love you all, and I hope you're 2007 is happy, prosperous and filled with good memories!

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