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Books 1 and 2 of a new year!

I really enjoy the new "lj spotlight" feature they have on the main page now! They featured 50bookchallenge a couple of days ago and was inspired!

I've decided to keep a record of how many books I read this year, I'd like to set my goal of at least 50 but since it's only the first week and I've already read two, I might shoot for a higher amount of reading! If anything this will be a test year to see what my average reading amount is and next year I can push myself to best it :D

Anyways, as I mention I've already ready my first two books of the new year!

Book 1 of 2007
The Feast of Roses by Indu Sundaresan

The book was a sequal to The Twentieth Wife which I read and enjoyed last year. Similar to the first book, Feast of Roses continues the story of Mehrunissa as she enters and gains power within the harem and eventually the entire empire of India during her time. It's very well written, I appreciate when authors do the research for time and historic facts when writing their books. Since it is mostly based on fact, the characters become very human and in the end I never truly felt sympathetic to any one of the main characters.
For some reason this sequal didn't pull me in as much as it did the first book, but I still enjoyed reading it none-the-less.

# of pages: 378
Total # of pages in 2007: 378

Book 2 of 2007
The Borgia Bride by Jeanne Kalogridis

Another historical fiction! I'm very much drawn to historical fiction featuring prominent women and this one didn't dissapoint! Unlike Feast of Roses, this one was much more dramatic and suspensiful which drew me in right away. The book follows Sancha od Aragon as she's wed to a son of the lusty Pope Alexander VI. And how her involvement in the Borgia family comes close to destroying her family and her sanity. It's very difficult to believe that so much of this book is based on facts (which the author supplies for us at the end of the book) I simply can not imagine what life in Rome must have been like at this point of time.

# of pages: 509
Total # of pages in 2007: 887
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