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Just like reading, I'm going to keep track of the knitting I get done this year too.. last year I taught myself to knit, and I've been stuck doing basic scarves and simple hats. This year I want to push myself and learn new things! I've already gotten off to a good start!

Flat Top Hat designed by Iris Schreier, author of Modular Knits
Technically this hat was done last year, but I'm going to count it as the first finish of this year 'cause I said so!
My mum bought me the pattern and the beautiful yarn at a local yarn shop.
I'm so proud of it since it allowed me to master K1inc1 in knitting! (thanks mum for showing me how to do it!) It was also my first project on circular needles, I love them!

Pattern: Flat Top Hat from ArtYarns, designed by Iris Schreier
Yarn: Artyarns Supermerino
Yarn Color: SM 115: Reds of Many Shades
Needles: size #7 U.S. 16" circular needles

As you can see, it didn't close up very well at the end, my stitches got a bit too sTtretched out, but it doesn't look too bad, I might make a pom-pom to stick on top to cover it all up though!

Piece 'o Cherry Pie! By Jennifer Tallapaneni
I'm so proud of this one! I saw this pattern web surfing through some favorite blogs and thought it'd be the PERFECT gift for Chris who as some of you know is mad about his pie! I also wanted to try making this since I'd learn another new technique; bobbles!
Holy crap, doing bobbles is painful stuff, I'd be happy not to do them again for a good long while, but I'm SO satisfied with how this piece came out.

Pattern: Piece 'o Cherry Pie by Jennifer Tallapaneni
Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver
Yarn Colors: 0313 Aran and 0319 Cherry Red
Needles: size #6 U.S. straight needles

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