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I interupted my third book with two long illustrated novels lent to me by Chris and friends.

Book 3 of 2007
Bone by Jeff Smith

I simply could not put this book down. I read it all in a day and a half, which Chris tells me is kind of epic, but I just got pulled into the story. I was lent this book by a friend and upon being given it I was warned that the ending wasn't very good. Now, maybe it's because I did sit down and read it all in practically one sitting, but I didn't mind the ending at all at all! At least at first... after I sat and had a think and let it all sit in there were some open ended questions (like why did Roque Ja just let them pass?) but they were minor. I could understand why someone who was eagerly awaiting each installation of the comic when it was originally being made would be kind of dissapointed. What did bother me during the reading of it was the constant and unashamed telling of greek mythology, it turned from a story that was unique and interesting to the tale of Odysseus. The art is absolutely amazing. If you haven't read this yet, go out and get it. You'll be doing yourself a favor. I'd like a copy of this in my own collection.

# of pages: 1332
Total # of pages in 2007: 2219

Book 4 of 2007
Blankets by Craig Thompson

After I read Bone Chris went out and got a copy of this book for me to read. Again, I devoured this book as well in one whole sitting. It's a really touching and heartbreaking story. It's also so simple and honest it's touching. Again, the artwork is very well done and the story is truly touching. I had to have a good long cry after finishing it. This is also another must-read if you haven't already!

# of pages: 582
Total # of pages in 2007: 2801

Book 5 of 2007
Isolde: Queen of the Western Isle by Rosalind Miles

This is the first of a series of books. I found her books in a bookstore and since her subject matter is one I'm fond of (Medieval period, specifically Arthurian tales) I picked it up to see if I could stand her writing style. I suppose I can, I shouldn't have picked a series to start with, this first book is the traditional tale of Isolde so far and although Miles' dramatics get a little out of hand at a couple moments, the book is generally interesting. I don't have any desire to finish up the series though and I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone.

# of pages: 359
Total # of pages in 2007: 3160



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Jan. 22nd, 2007 06:06 am (UTC)
"Blankets" is incredible. But the end is very depressing.
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