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Reading Update

Book 6 of 2007
The Divine Comedy: Hell by Dante, as translated by Dorothy Sayers.

This is the first time I've actually read one of Dante's works, and Hell was certainly entertaining! Dante paints quite a gruesome picture and I was impressed at how easily I was able to see the scenes he was describing.
As far as the translation itself goes I was only semi-impressed. I wasn't fond of Sayer's need to outline the Canto before it actually happens. I'd have perfered (and ended up doing) just reading the translation itself and -then- going back to read how she interpreted what's going on. It seems like she wanted to keep the text to as close to Dante's rhyming structure as she possibly could, unfortunatly while it might sound beautiful in Italian, it can be difficult to keep a good flow going when translated to English, but that's a minor complaint.

# of pages: 346
# of pages in 2007: 3506

Book 7 of 2007
The Inhuman Condition by Clive Barker

As taken from the back of the book: "Human hands tear themselves from their masters to start a bloody revolution; a knotted string unravels dark hungering nightmares; in a Texas motel room, the living and the dead make love; a palace is built to lure Satan back to earth; and a powerful aphrodisiac creates ghastly sexual urgins." Clive Barker is the trashy romance novelist of the horror genre, and really, that's why I love him so. His ideas are so unique, witty and inventive.. he can take a completely "what-the-hell" topic like hands detaching themselves from the body and make it if not creepy, then a -very- interesting read. I literally eat up his short stories like candy.

# of pages: 254
# of pages in 2007: 3760

Book 8 of 2007
The Snow Fox by Susan Fromberg Schaeffer

Holy Cow. Honestly, I picked this book out because it's a genre I like -very- much, and it has a beautiful cover of a naked geisha on the front :D
I wasn't expected to be Wow'd by this book, but it completely blew me away. Schaeffer is such an incredible writing, it's like poetry. The story is very touching. Plus it deals with foxes! Shakira, I'd say go out and buy yourself a copy of this book but don't. I'm lending it to Chris to read but afterwards I'm going to send it to you. This book has your name alllll over it.

# of pages: 438
# of pages in 2007: 4198
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