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Steps are good, even little itty bitty ones

Yesterday, at home, I had fully convinced myself of all the reasons why continuing to have World of Warcraft in my life was detrimental. I was all set, mentally to go and just uninstall it from my computer.

Now that I am back in the apartment and in front of the computer, I have lost all of that energy.

I did go and cancel my account though.
I still can remember all the reasons for how I convinced myself, and I still know that getting rid of that game is the best thing I can do for me right now, but working up to actually doing it is going to be a big challenge.

Especially since if I DO log on I'm greeted to a lot of "Beiame! Hello!!"'s

I don't play this game for the game anymore- I hate raiding and I don't even quest and I hate grinding for cash/items more then anything else. I can't stay interested in alts.
All I'm interested in are the people and if they're worth it I can find ways to communicate with them outside of the game, right? Right.

Now why can't I just... do it.

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