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LJ to the rescue


So, I am filling out my paperwork to apply for citizenship and I was trying to brainstorm with Mum about various dates I had left and returned to the country over the past five years. We were stuck on a few when I had a revelation: LIVEJOURNAL!

Sure enough, A quick flick back through my memories and I was able to come up with the all of the exact dates I was missing.

If ever there was an encouragement to keep up with this thing; there you go.

Oh, other big news? I did it. World of Warcraft has been uninstalled from my computer. I'm very proud of myself.

I have a little goal of revamping this journal and keeping up with it again but life's a bit busy right now as I am back and forth between my home and my apartment.

Life's changing for me in great big scary ways, but hopefully I'm starting to move in the right direction.
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