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Life = hectic (no jok)

So, I've been prodded to update, but I'm exhausted for the moment, so it'll have to wait until probably this weekend.
BUT have the quick updates in a disjointed bullet point form.

*Moved both myself AND Chris AND Mae bell to our respective new locations. Chris to his snazzy new apartment (which I'm jealous of, he has SPACE, a YARD and so many WINDOWS which = LIGHT!) Mae Bell with Chris, and myself back to my parents place.
The move was made incredibly reasonable by breaking it up into lots of little moves instead of trying to jam-pack the car in one day of stuffs. All that's left is a dirty apartment which I'll have to sneak in sometime this weekend and clean out.

*I applied and was offered an internship at the Martin-Lawrence Gallery on Newbury Street in Boston. I'm VERY excited and they have a great exhibit up at the moment of works by Modern 20th century artists such as Picasso, Miro, Chagall and Dali. Including six beautiful originals. Mike (T') I think of you immediately, you would LOVE it.

*I applied and was offered an awesome VERY flexible job at the local Lookout Farm I actually just got back from my first day tonight. I now officially know how to use a cash register. It's so stupidly easy! Don't let all the buttons intimidate you! I also have a snazzy red plaid shirt as my "uniform" and a 20% discount to the store PLUS I get free Gelato working there (omg)

*I have applied and will be having my interview for ANOTHER internship for a local gallery of Classical and Ancient art here in Medfield: Fragments of Time(who knew!) I've been talking with the owner off and on this past week trying to make our schedules line up and so far we've hit it off. He and his partner are also very active and help run the Medfield Animal Shelter so we've got lots of stuff in common. I'm hoping that I'll be offered that internship as well (fingers crossed!)

This has all kind of just... happened within the past week. So now all of a sudden I'm VERY busy and I'm going to have to sit down and figure out how to juggle two (hopefully) internships, St. Helena's House AND Lookout farm. Luckily so far all of them are very flexible and willing to work around each other.
I'm hoping it'll look something like
Monday-Tuesday at Martin-Lawrence (maybe Lookout Farm for a couple hours in the morning)
Wednesday-Thursday at Fragments of Time (maybe Lookout Farm for a couple hours)
Friday - St. Helena's Home (maybe Lookout Farm in the evening)
Saturday - Free (maybe Lookout Farm)
Sunday - Lookout Farm

Oh! and this Saturday I'm off to go see a Revolutions game. It's such a shame so many Americans don't care about soccer but at least it makes for some dirt cheap last-minute ticket prices for fantastic seats!
Tomorrow I'm off to see Stardust.
Becoming Jane is also on the list...

Anyways, I'm off to pass out but I'll have a decent update come this weekend (at least I'll try)

Oh! (again!) Will, I did get your email, but I'm so busy I might not get to respond to you until this weekend <3 Hopefully we can get together soonish though. I'm not ignoring you!
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