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First Socks!

Done!! (just a word of warning, lots of pictures behind the cuts!)
Told ya all I needed was a good movie on TV to get them done!

Yarn: Online Supersocke yarn in Winter color
Needles: Size US3 Bamboo double-pointed needles
Pattern: Silver's Sock Class

They were so easy and fast and fun to do. Knitting with the yarn was a dream and I had a great deal of fun watching the patterning evolve.
Sadly one of my DPNs bit the dust during the project after I accidentally stood on it (whoops!) Luckily I had an extra ^_^

They were a fun little lesson. Silver's "class" is really excellently laid out. The directions were clear and very easy to follow (yay for pictures!). I didn't have to go back and fix anything. They were a clear learning experience though and my second sock came out much nicer then the first especially where the toe grafting is concerned. But they really look great together.

I was so excited upon fishing them that I put them on right away. I even wore them out and about today going into the city just to see how comfortable they are. The results? Super comfy! They'll be really good for keeping my toes warm come winter.

Unfortunately the insides of my new shoes rubbed off on my heels and so they're stained a light burgundy already but I don't really care; they're made to be worn!


Speaking of shoes! Chris pulled me into a DSW the other day because he needs a pair of running shoes. While in there I saw these:

And I fell in love

Aren't they gorgeous? And they're Sketchers too! They're so beautiful. With some really delicate embroidary on them.

They're super comfy and are sneaker-ish but since they're also beautiful they can be dressed up. They were PERFECT for today with all the lifting and carrying while still making myself gallery-presentable.

I'm not really a big shoe fan myself since I have short and fat feet and usually finding shoes that fit me is nigh impossible. But wow, I really lucked out on these. I'm really really glad I caved in and bought them (Thank you Chris for the encouragement!)
They have to be my favorite thing I've bought for myself in quite some time!


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Aug. 28th, 2007 01:17 am (UTC)
those socks are awesome! congrats :D and those shoes are cute XD
Aug. 28th, 2007 09:40 pm (UTC)
Thanks!! ^__^
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