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To Sleep, Perchance to Dream...

I remember my dreams in brief glimpses. For some reason I’ve been having –tons- of them since returning home. Maybe it’s this bed since it’s pretty uncomfortable. I simply can not fall asleep for long.

I was dreaming we were outside camping? On a hike? I don’t know. I don’t even know who “we” were except that I wasn’t alone and the numbers fluctuated between four of us to about 15-20. At one point we came across this beautiful baby pure white fox and one of my companions decided to pick it up and bring it with us as a pet.

A day later? Later that day? A week later? I don’t know, but the little fox (must have been longer, it was a little bit bigger and had grown some dark brown/black splotches across its chest) started to talk. (Or could it always talk?) It was saying that it missed its mother and wanted to go home. So a couple of us set out to follow our footsteps and bring him back to his neck of the woods which took some time.

(must have woken up)

I’m in the woods camping with a large group of people. Range in ages from 7 – maybe a bit older then I am. For some reason I’m in charge and trying to organize them all. A majority of them are boys and so are rowdy and often to not listen to me. This is very frustrating. We climb up a hill to where there are some buildings there for campers, one big one built out of stones with a second story of wood and two smaller buildings of wood. The woods aren’t very thick and we can see way down at the bottom of this hill there’s another camp with more buildings made out of wood. Because of the size of us we decide to take over the bigger, stone house. We’re not there very long when someone calls me outside. They point down the hill and I can see there’s a very thick low-lying fog that suddenly rushed over the camp at the bottom of the hill. Just before the buildings down there disappear into whiteness we can hear a very loud gush of wind and then those wooden houses just… –explode- with scraps of wooden plank flying everywhere. The fog goes no further then that camp and just as quickly as it arrived it disappeared again.

Shaken, I get everybody into the house. Enough time passes so that the younger kids get bored and start to play but sure enough the thick fog suddenly starts to drift around our camp. I’m screaming at everyone to get down on the floor and to brace themselves and to stay away from the windows, etc. etc. Just as with the bottom camp there’s the thick wall of fog, then this huge rush of wind that completely destroys the upper story of the house; blows in all the windows (glass) and destroys the two neighboring houses.

(woke up for a bit)

I don’t think we lose anyone, or anyone is hurt. This happens one more time before I decide to go find out what’s up (somehow I realize that magic is involved) So I take a small group (about five of us) and we go running down the hill and into the woods. Not far out of camp we see this little bouncing light and we realize it’s a little child with a flashlight! We call towards it, but it’s moving towards us anyway. As she gets closer we realize that she’s not holding a flashlight but she’s actually –glowing- and then we notice that there are lots of little glowing children running full out through the woods!

This little girl eventually comes right up to us. As soon as she “realizes” we’re there she stops glowing, smiles wide and says “Hello Mommy!” to none of us in particular and then faints dead away. She’s only out for a minute before she wakes up again and smiles just as big and says again “Hello Mommy!” and then “We all died!”

And then I woke up and it was time for me to actually be up.

So this isn't quite so simply bizaar I can share a much nicer brief memory of one I had earlier this week.

I remember a fragment of some man in a market explaining to me that dragon scales are sold for much too outlandish a price as they were cheap as dirt and easy to come by.

I must have asked him how or why or to explain himself in such matter because the next fragment of memory is of this beautiful giant dragon metamorphosing before my eyes. He was changing shape either becoming bigger or smaller, two legs, four, wings, no wings, all different colors. All by shedding his scales which happened with the distinct sound of ka-shink ka-shink ka-shink ka-shink ka-shink ka-shink of the old train station time schedule boards like what they have in South Station still. A sound which I enjoy a lot and is very unique to itself.
All the while as it "sheds" this new skin of scales in favor of another one the dragon is left in a little pile of it's own flaked skin.

All in all a very beautiful thing to watch.

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