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Oh man, I just woke up an hour early coated in sweat with my heart pounding a mile a minute.
I had a really horrible nightmare and was quite frankly too scared to go back to sleep just in case I'd be plunged back into that world once again.

Now before I get started let me warn you I wrote this at 7:00 in the morning half asleep and still a bit panicky from the dream so it's not exactly strung together well, just bursts of memories.

Going to some super mall, running into old high school classmates. Nadya, Caitlin, Dana, others actually with me, bunch of the “bad dudes” from HS working to complete their certificate for cocaine?! Lots and lots of others.

In this big supermall, getting late, bored with company (Dana trying to teach Nadya and some other girl how to read Yiddish) ran into mom to leave, only way out at that time was through this guided tour of an aquarium. Following it with this snotty man giving the tour. He doesn’t like mum and I talking. Walking down this underwater hall and there’s a baby great white shark who’s swimming around and chomping non-stop (cute!) As I get closer he turns into a baby hippo with lots and teeth (still chomping) He’s going towards the glass looking into the next room. Suddenly there’s a shake and the glass breaks! Water everywhere and chaos although we’re “safe” in our hall. Wait until the water stops flowing from the tank then go out to the chaos running towards the main foyer. There’s shallow pools of water right at the door with no railings. Inside the pools are big pure white elephants wading. (Now being trodden over as people scramble for the exit.) Mom wants to stay and watch but I pull her outside.

As soon as we get outside there’s another rumble but this time from far away. The snotty tour guide points to the base of some hills in the far distance, pointing out movement and there is! There is this great big black smoke engine spouts spouting out dark smoke and moving along very quickly. That’s all we can see though. Don’t know what the hell it is.

Start to move away but suddenly it’s right upon us. This great big mechanical spider that was laying down barbed fencing and then rounding up everything it had fenced in and killing it beneath this blue tarp-rubber flooring. It’s destroying everything. We run and come to one of its fences. It’s not high and both I and mum can get over it (and lots of other people) so we’re running full out now climbing up this tiered farm with very short trees (tea?) that’s set on a hill. We get to the top and can see on the next rise over the spider machine destroying absolutely everything. The hill on the other side of our ridge is very steep and we’re trying to judge if the spider will go down it next. It doesn’t (it’s coming for our side of the ridge) so we and the survivors around with us scramble over the edge and run down the steeper mountain on the other side.

Get to the bottom safe now in a mass of moving half panicked people. My mum is NOT panicked and continues to babble about random things as we walk. Through the forest to some kind of suburbia where fire trucks and a “Green True” truck as my mum calls it are trying to go towards the carnage. Apparently a Green True truck is a massive and powerful fertilizer that can bring any dead soil back to fertilization for growing crops very quickly. She thinks they’re just going to try and save the now dead land the spiderthing has already destroyed. We discuss apocalyptic things.

We end up walking down this railroad now flooded with people and now lots of other animals trying to get to some sort of safety. It’s still running (sort of) slow moving train goes by. We can see the spider machine doing its thing way in the distance. It moves very very quickly planting it’s fence in a wide acre then doubling back around to destroy anything that’s in the fence; paving it over with its blue flooring. The railroad track is becoming muddy and the tracks have mostly disappeared. People and animals are starting to get bogged down and are being trampled by those coming behind. I remember climbing over the backs of struggling deer being so scared of my life (I spent all of this in a high state of panic) and mum being horrified that we were in such pack-animal-stampede state of mind we’d be crushing people and animals beneath us. I just wanted to not die, I didn’t mind stepping on the backs of struggling deer.

I woke up.

Gah, man it's been an hour now and I'm STILL struck with a bad case of the heeby-jeebies.
What did I eat to give me THAT kind of War-of-the-Worlds-esq dream.
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