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Late Already!

So yesterday, November 1, was the first day of NaBloPoMo. Although the name sounds vaguely erotic, the concept is very simple and can be as tame or as wild as you decide. Much like NaNoWriMo (also going on this month, if you're taking on that particular challenge, GOOD LUCK!), NaBloPoMo challenges bloggers to make at least one post each day of the month of November.

I've always had the "oh, I REALLY should post SOMETHING to my Livejournal" nagging going on in the back of my head, so I'm hoping that if I take on this challenge that I might get into a habit of posting more frequently and hopefully on more interesting topics then just What I've Been Up To and What I'm Knitting (K)Now.

Of course you wise readers will probably have already noticed that I've already failed; I missed the VERY FIRST DAY (*groans!*)
So, just goes to show old habits (of being a lazy bum) die hard. In my defense yesterday was a long day and I'm battling an ensuing cold, so getting home at 10:30pm last night I only wanted to head to bed, not sit in front of my computer.

My road, as always, is paved with good intentions. So I now pledge to Do The Best I Can to making the at-least-one-post-a-day challenge a success.

Now, aside from the personal mundaneness of my daily life at the moment including what's on my needles. I turn to you, those few who still look over my journal for suggestions on things about me that you'd like to know. Any burning questions you'd like me to tackle? Give me topics!

Here's to combating apathy!

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