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Baby Singlet!

Hooray! I had a hairy moment or two yesterday night when I was worried that all would not work out, but all that was for naught! I've tackled the singlet into submission and so have officially created my first knitted piece of -clothing- and not something that could be considered an accessory (and for some reason, in my head, socks don't count)

Pattern: This is the Singlet from Top, Jacket & Singlet pattern in the 21st Issue of Creative Knitting (an Australian knitting magazine)
Yarn: Patons Feathersoft 8ply. I used -almost- a full ball of the pretty sea-green and barely half a ball of the black.
Needles: One pair 2.50 mm. and one pair 3.25 mm.

So in general, this was one big learning experience! Luckily I picked an easy one. I decided to do the next-size up from the newborn since I don't actually know how big this baby is yet and hopefully he'll be able to get a decent period of time in when he can actually fit it! Plus it's waay too hot right now for this, but in a couple months it'll be much cooler and hopefully by that time it'll fit him!
Following the pattern was fine and dandy. I just fudged the color change. The pattern was only written for one color but since I only had one ball of each I decided do the trim and add in a stripe in black. I had a lot of trouble at the finishing touches stages though. The pattern called for the shoulder tips to be overlapping a bit, but try as I might I could not figure out how to do this and still make an attractive looking finish. In the end I just left out the overlapping join and instead turned it into a bit of a tanktop I suppose, but I think it still looks alright as a finished piece. I've also discovered that picking up stitches for hems is a pain in the ass. It's far from perfect, and I realized with a bit of horror late last night when I was finishing this up (and facing possible disaster!) that in hindsight it was probably -very- silly of me to choose to make someone else a gift when I have never learned some of these techniques before. But with a bit of creative fixing I've managed to come out of it with a finished piece that I'm happy (and a bit proud!) to give to Sandra and new baby Michael!

I also had a lot of fun going to buy a card and wrapping material to wrap it up in today.

So hooray! I finished something! And now that means I can go back and finish up some of the other projects I had started!

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