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Another, less annoying feathered neighbor.


I came across this handsome devil on my walk last weekend. Now many could (validly, perhapse!) claim that kookaburras are JUST as annoying as cockatoos. And I suppose when they too are laughing up a storm at six in the morning I could be persuaded to agree.  But really, I love kookaburras. I think they are beautiful and interesting birds. The fact that their distinctive laugh (and it really is a laugh ) is much more pleasing to my ear then the parrots screeching makes me forgive any AM politicing that they think they must go through.

There are some animals that I just seem to gravitate towards. I can't really explain why I seem to prefer them over other animals. I just do. Kookaburras are one of those animals. Every time I see or hear one it makes me smile and lifts my spirit just a little bit.

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