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Easter Fun

Flickr has decided to cooperate with me for a little while, so I get to share with you some of my recent fun after all!

Mystery Swatch!

I came across this beautiful novelty yarn in a shop sometime mid-last week. It's thick and thin with ribboning and mohair and very glitzy tinsel throughout. It's -fairly- annoying to knit up together since there's lots of little knots and bumps where the broad ribbon meets the thin mohair, but on size 10.5 needles it knits up into a fairly nice fabric! Isn't it pretty?

Why I made bunnies! Of course!

Easter Bun

I found this pattern through Ravelry (have I mentioned what an amazing resource Ravelry is yet? Oh my goodness, it's amazing.)
It's SO simple. Grab some yarn. Knit up a square piece of fabric in stockingette stitch (she recommended a size needle one step down from what the ball recommends)
So for this bunny I knit 25 stitches with US 10.5 needles until it was square.

Then the rest of the bunny is simply assembly; similar to origami in how you fold and sew edges together until it looks like a bunny!
Knit up two quick ears and he's done!
So cute! I finished him in two hours, maybe less.

Easter Bun Easter Bun

And have I mentioned that he's CUTE?

Easter Bun

I've knit up another one up here at Emerald Beach and I plan on giving them to my nieces for Easter. I might even have enough yarn left to make a third!
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