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The First of (hopefully!) Many Updates to Come

A couple days ago, completely out of the blue I got an IM from a stranger. They were from the furry fandom who apparently was a fan of my artwork and wanted to know where I was uploading all of my new stuff(!)

Well this came as a bit shock since I certainly never felt much confidence in my drawing skills back when I was activly drawing/painting and sharing it via the internet. But hey! A fan! This is completely out of the blue, for me and I'm touched.

Sadly I had to tell them that I don't do much actual drawing anymore since I have mostly replaced all of that creative energy into knitting; something I have to admit I get much more pleasure from then I ever did from drawing and painting. For some reason I have so much self-confidence issues surrounding my drawings; they're -never- "good enough." This is something, for some reason, I have never experienced with knitting.

Something which I guess is a double blow to said fan since not only is it not drawing or painting, it's also not really "furry" (insert witty joke regarding the fuzziness of yarn)
(Well, I suppose the various toys I've been doing count. No matter if I fall out of active participation in the fandom, you can't take my love of animals away from me!)

Even though I never sit down and put pencil/pen/paint to paper with the intention on creating a finished piece of artwork anymore (and honestly could not tell you the last time I actually DID do this...) I have kept up my sketching. Although admitedly even that is becoming a rare activity.

Visiting my nieces always helps turn that around. Isobell in particular is an avid participator in the arts and loves to create and draw whenever she gets the chance and one of her favorite games runs along the lines of; She'll suggest an animal (or thing) to draw and then we both draw it.

Easter Weekend

Isobell Drawings

So there you go! No longer creating those Fabulous Works of Art, but certainly doodling up a storm as yet. I explained to Isobell that day that I "got so good" at drawing from lots and lots of practice. And at the rate she's going, she'll master the horse in a matter of months!

P.S. This is for you, Chris! Her donkey. I love how, whenever she's drawing a donkey, she'll always draw them with their mouth wide open in a bray, ears back and legs splayed. As opposed to her horses which are always either rearing, prancing or running.
Isobell Drawings
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