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Rufus and friends

Who's this handsome devil of a dog making friends with my (still unfinished, eep!) Kana?

Just the kind of cheering up I needed to brighten an otherwise frustrating day ( still having trouble focusing and getting work done as well as minor credit card troubles which thankfully worked out before I could -really- start stressing over it)

Isn't he adorable? Rufus is Chris' latest creation. Coming from the seemingly bottomless pit of creative ideas Chris is able to put into reality.
I took it on as a challenge to engage my brain since I didn't actually have any glue paste, I used tape to put him together(!)
Dispite that extra challenge, he came together rather quickly and simply over all, and he's SO CUTE!

Thanks Chris, you really made my day ^_^

You all should really go and make your own! And it sounds like there might be more to come from Chris too. Wooo!

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