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Gone in a Blink

My return trip to Boston went like a whirlwind and I'm already back in Sydney.

Not long after arriving in Boston I learned that the images needed to get started on one of my projects for a class I'm taking were NOT going to be put online like I had originally heard, but were going to be mailed out instead. Augh.
I wrote to my professors and explained to them that I'm abroad and was told there's not much they could do besides give me an extension on the project for when I got back.
(The project is supposed to be due May 5th)
So now it became mandatory for me to get back to Sydney ASAP with no dilly-dallying.. I was very lucky to squeeze myself into a swearing in ceremony just a week after my interview. And just like that I was suddenly a dual citizen. The very next day I went down to passport services in Boston and managed to get my passport that day which was fantastic.


So I got to spend my last weekend with some dear friends and started my trek back to Sydney on this past Monday. I had successfully become an American citizen and managed to visit all of the museums that I needed to visit along with some bonus extras. Or, well. I was SUPPOSED to start my trek on the Monday.
What actually happened Monday evening was me witnessing one of the most brilliant fuck-ups I've ever seen United go through: I got all checked in and am sitting around at the gate waiting to be checked in. I'm on a Boston-to-L.A.-to-Sydney flight. It's a rainy day and there had been delays in earlier flights, and sure enough I hear an announcement that there would be a small delay to our departure but nothing big. A moment later my name gets called.
I go up to the desk and she tells me that I'm being re-routed and I should go over to the next gate down to prepare to board the flight to San Fransisco, since my flight would be delayed that I would miss my connecting flight to Sydney (for the record - United flies two flights to Sydney each day; one from L.A. and one from San Fran. Both leave roughly the same time at 10:30pmish)
So I wander over to the San Fran. desk to get my boarding pass changed and apparently they too are delayed. The man behind the counter takes my ticket in a huff and says "Why did they send you down here? The L.A. flight is still going to get off the ground before us... go back there."
Ugh.. so I'm not liking this situation already... I walk back to the L.A. flight (the one I was originally on) talk to the woman behind the counter and she goes "Why did they send you back? Ugh, here. I'll just book you on that flight from here." She proceeds to do so and at that time another employee slips behind the desk. She tells the woman who's changing my ticket that she's just come from the plane - it's a problem with the automatic ice defroster, the engineers want more time.. The woman changing my flight ticket says yes, she was just on the phone with the flights coordinator and she didn't think the plane was even going to get off the ground, she just didn't want to announce it to the general public because she didn't want a rush of angry people at her yet.

I smile, take my ticket and quickly make my way back to the San Fran. gate, glad I wasn't going to have to be one of many angry people.
I sit down and wait for a little while at that gate, and then they make an announcement that THEY are having some serious technical problems; the flight engineers are having difficulty balancing the fuel and they wanted at least an hour more to fix the problem.

Ugh. So by then it was clear that no matter what, I'm going to miss my connecting flight to Sydney. I go up to the desk and they pretty much tell me the same thing. I'm given two options - I can wait and board the plane when it's finally finished and stay in San Fran. until the next night, or I could stay in Boston an extra night and just try again the next day.
I opted to stay in Boston since it would mean another good night's rest in my own bed, but still. LAME!

The next day I was given a $100 voucher to use on my next United flight and another "slight delay" leaving Boston - luckily they managed to make up time on the flight and I landed in L.A. with just enough time for me to walk off that plane and walk immediately onto the Sydney flight the next gate over which was going through their last calls for seating.
As it turned out, it was good for me to wait that extra day though - both of my flights were extremely empty. Enough so that on BOTH legs of my trip I had an entire row all to myself - I've never crossed the Pacific in more comfort! I was able to stretch out and even managed to sleep most of it away something I haven't been able to do in as long as I can remember.

And hey! One hundred bucks is one hundred bucks... I think that can put a good sized dent in a trip down to Melbourne. *grins*
Shakira! Silverblue! I'm looking in your direction!

Also, forgive if I do a couple postings in a row, I'm getting desperate now in my tricks to keep myself awake - gotta beat this jet lag!

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