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Fake Isle Hat

While back home I finished up yet another Fake Isle hat!

Originally this hat was intended to be gifted to Olena since she -flipped out- over mine and was threatening to steal it from me(!)
So I decided to make her one of her very own.
Now, the funny thing about knitting is that no two pieces are ever, really, going to be the same. And I'm not sure if I was just having an extra stressful week when I was knitting this (well, I was come to think of it!) but I knit this hat up -extremely- tight.

Fake Isle Hat

Here's a photo of the new hat on top of the old hat. These hats were knit with the exact same type of yarn, exact same needles and yet as you can see the newer hat is significantly smaller then the previously knit hat! So much so that I highly doubt that it will fit Olena.
It does, however, fit me just right (I have a small head!) and I don't mind a more snug fit. And to be brutally honest... I adore the colors, they're SO me that I kind of want to keep it. *blush*
So I am going to keep this one for myself and give Olena the older hat since I already know she likes it, and it hasn't been worn much.

Fake Isle Hat


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May. 2nd, 2008 05:41 pm (UTC)
It the pattern all color changing or are you doing the sewing over-duplicate stitch stuff? It looks like just regular stockinette but I'm in AWE if you're color changing that much! I can't imagine the work.

I want to make hats, I've found some patterns that I don't need to knit in the round, but I need to get my gauge under control first. I always end up using totally different yarns than the patterns call for (darn you wool!) and I *try* to math up the gauge differences without doing a swatch. It hasn't worked so far. LOL. I need to suck it up and start knitting gauge swatches. ;) And, as you've shown, even WITH a gauge set your final project can vary in size just by how you're knitting that day. Darn it.

You should check out my journal.
I posted the little scarf I knit for Mollycat and will post the stuffed rat and hedgehog I knit soon.

I also learned how to purl, cable, rib, color change, increase and decrease recently. *wiggles!* I'm making my roomie a scarf right now that's a cable rib and it's gorgeous! Taking forever, but gorgeous!

We should do a knit gift exchange. You're MUCH more advanced but I'd LOVE to make you something... even if it seems really simplistic to you. ;)

Lots of Love!
May. 2nd, 2008 06:21 pm (UTC)
Hehehe! There's a reason why they call this pattern a "fake isle" hat. The colorful bits are all one yarn - an amazing and gorgeous brand called Noro (although they're mostly 100% wool, I'm afraid : / ) So the beautiful gradual color change is all in the yarn, not any extra work by me, but it IS a gorgeous result isn't it? If you've got color changing down, I'd really suggest this pattern to break into stranded work! It's so much easier then it looks, I promise! And pfft! knitting in the round is no big deal, especially on circular needles!

Eeee! Your knitting is gorgeous! And I had to laugh - I made a scarf out of that very same shade of teal Homespun when I was just starting out too! Isn't the yarn yummy? Mmmm so soft and warm! And Molly is sooo patient! I can't imagine Mae Bell sitting still long enough to tolerate being a yarn model, hah!

YES! Knitted gift exchange! I am SO down for that, I would cherish anything knit by a friend anything! *hugs!*
May. 2nd, 2008 09:41 pm (UTC)
your color taste makes me happy :) these are wonderful
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