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Crafting Update

So what have I been up to?
Lots of things, mostly things I shouldn't be doing!
Unfortunately crafting has fallen into the "shouldn't be doing" category of late, and yet I just can't seem to help myself!

Okay, so I picked her back up again the other day since I decided that she needed a face after all. I've been playing around with a lot of different possibilities.
I had originally planned to go with buttons, and found a couple that seemed good possible matches (and I've learned how surprisingly difficult it is to find small, green buttons around here!)
That's a NO on the Buttons
But honestly, no matter what combination or location I chose to place them, I couldn't help but feeling like it was a bit too creepy...

So in a fit of frustration the other night, I decided to hell with it, I'd just embroider the face and so while enjoying Spicks & Specks I finished her up:
Kana Doll with Berry

And here's a closer shot of the face the next day, hoorah for sunlight!
Kana Doll

Bah, I'd share more but the internets is not cooperating this morning, so I'm going to take it as a sign that I should go and get some SHOULD BE DOING work done as alas, posting to LJ is still on the should not be doing list.

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