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I promise to myself that once I am done with this week and finished with my projects that I will start reorganizing my life and with that comes with more frequent blog checking and updating (I know, I know, you've heard it all before... but bare with me!)

This past Sunday was my grandmum's 80th birthday and we celebrated by managing to pull together the biggest Hawkey family reunion since 1982 apparently.
It was an experience and a half, that's for sure.

You take the great along with the good.
I have two -adorable- second cousins.

And I got to spend a couple days back up at Emerald Beach, and just in case I wasn't sure if this really was the best place in the world, or not...

What a beauty, haven't seen a full rainbow in quite some time.

oh yeah, this coming sunday it's my birthday, but to be honest I'm not even thinking about it. The only thing going on in my world right now is these projects that refuse to be finished up.

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