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Oh Yeah! Saltos!!

Saltos are finished, I finished up a week or so ago.
For some reason, however, I simply can not manage to take decent photos of them though - I'm sorry!
I really need to find someone else around here to man a camera, it's really really hard to take photos of your feet wearing socks! Especially if you're trying to show off the beautiful cabling such as what happens in these socks...


Now, I am a very comfortable with my body. I love my curves and am in general very pleased with my general weight and appearance.
There is however, one part of my body that constantly gives me anguish and knitting has only made it seem worse for me.

I have fat ankles ;__;


This is such a lovely pattern. It's so elegantly designed - I love how the cables move gradually from the sides to join at the front down the front of a foot.
They are such lovely warm and comfortable socks.
But damn it, they really are more well suited for someone with narrower feet. Preferably ones like the model in the pattern details.


But you know what? I'm okay with it. (no, really. I swear!) My ankles are what I've got so I've got no choice but to love them, and from what I've noticed no matter how much my weight fluxuates, my ankles tend to stay the same. They've been short and fat for as long as I've been and probably always will.

But anyways, these are some SERIOUSLY comfy socks.
Finished Saltos

And just the thing for right now as the weather starts to turn cooler.
In fact, I'm wearing them right now.

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