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Quick peek in.

finished sproingy!

As promised, there's a shot of the finished Spring Forward socks, fresh off the needles from a couple of days ago.
Ever onwards and upwards, I've begun working on the next pair, using up my second ball of Noro sock yarn.

monkeys wip

Just a simple pair of Monkeys since it seems like -everyone- has at least one and I can see why, such an easy and satisfactory pattern to work with. I'm well into the gusset on this pair now, I've been getting lots of knitting in while watching the Olympics.

A couple of weekends ago I spent a couple days over at a friends place helping her with some heavy labour that needed to get done in her back yard - a lot of sorting through old family stuff and hauling most of it off to the dump. What we did unearth was a whole slew of old sheets though, some of them clearly well loved, some of them never been used; still in their original packaging!
She let me paw through some of the stuff she didn't want to keep herself to have, sooo many beautiful patterns and colors.



The flannel ones are on my bed right now, helping me keep cozy since it's finally decided to be winter here and gets to be downright freezy at night.
Haha speaking of which:

(5:23:30 PM) FRIEND: Hai!
(5:23:55 PM) Kanawinkie: Hai thar!
(5:24:12 PM) FRIEND: How are you?
(5:24:22 PM) Kanawinkie: COLD!
(5:24:35 PM) FRIEND: Oh yeah, I keep forgetting it's winter for you.. lol
(5:24:37 PM) FRIEND: So how much snow have you gotten?
(5:24:50 PM) Kanawinkie: >.>
(5:27:05 PM) Kanawinkie: <.<
(5:27:32 PM) Kanawinkie: Okay, so it's nowhere near cold enough for snow, but I'm -fairly- sure we might have gotten a frost this morning. I don't know.. *coughs* it would have melted away as soon as the sun came up anyways.
(5:27:50 PM) FRIEND: Oh Kate.. you have gotten so soft, so fast.
(5:28:06 PM) Kanawinkie: *cries* I swear I've lived through New England winters in the past, even recently! Honest!

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