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Baby socks make for a baby finish!

Baby Socks

Got around to knitting up the second baby leftovers sock to make myself a pair. With a rather impressive stroke of luck I managed to even match up the stripe patterning too so they make a really cute pair! A fraternal pair, maybe, but a pair non-the-less!
They are so cute and bitty! Look!

Baby Socks

Truly multi-cultural size comparison! That's an American quarter and Australian dollar coin.
They make me happy, and I knit them for no real purpose. They're a horribly inconvenient actual baby garment since the wool is 100% wool and certainly isn't anything that can just be tossed into a washing machine, but they do make pretty, warm socks.
If anyone has or knows anyone with a baby that could use inconvenient (yet cute!) socks, just let me know.

Monkey WIP

Monkeys are coming along just fine. Hopefully will be finished with the first one tomorrow, I imagine!

I think I'm finally coming down off this OMGSOCK high that I've been stuck on for a little while; hopefully not fully until I finish the second Monkey sock at the very least *coughs*
But this might mean there'll be hope in sight for my various attempts at sweaters I've started.

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