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I Have Joined the Monkey Bandwagon

Finished Monkeys!

I finished the second Monkey sock. Here they are with nothing left but the toe to graft off.

Finished Monkeys

And all completed. Aren't they beautiful? I can't tell which pair I like more; these ones or the RPMs I made from the other colorway. Both shades of colors make me extremely happy. I'm impressed with the socks too, they're so much sturdier then I expected them to end up considering how delicate the yarn gets at times. These are also seriously cozy, warm socks which is just what I need right now.

Finished Monkeys

In exciting news, I managed to snap one of my circular cable needles right in the middle of one of my sweater projects, and I've dropped a lot of stitches. It wouldn't be so bad except that it's a very soft, fluffy, splitty yarn which makes individual stitches difficult to manage and also was in a kind of complicated pattern complete with twisted stitches and yarn overs. *sighs* I'm so frustrated at myself for doing it in the first place that I can't focus on trying to pick up all those stupid stitches, so I've put the project away until I can look at it without becoming angry at myself.

Instead I cast on for another sweater; a Rogue Pullover using that wool I bought from the craft show earlier this year. I managed to get gauge on my first try so I took that as a sign to just get it started. Hopefully this time I'll be kinder to my needle cable.

In other, other news. My mood of late has been reflective of the weather; gray and rainy. At least it's "officially" spring now, right?


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