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Lemon Slice

Lemon Slice

My friend Olana is coming over for dinner tonight. She's bringing dinner and I'm supplying the wine and dessert.
I decided to make one of my favorites; Lemon Slice!

I baked it up, pulled it out of the oven and let it cool; my apartment smells -delicious-.
I think to myself: Well, I should probably try a little bit, just to make sure that I didn't do something silly like mix up salt for sugar.
Cut small slice, scarf it down. Oh man, is it good.

And then I think: Well crap! The light's starting to fade! I should snap some photos of this bad boy before it all gets devoured. You know. Posterity's sake.
Cut another small slice, place on plate. Think plate is a bit empty on it's own, add in some strawberries I intend to serve with it later, just to make things look pretty.

And THEN I think: Oh man! I still have sprinkles in the cupboard. I should use those!
And so I did.

Lemon Slice

It's still yum too. I have some vanilla custard to serve with it as well.
Let's just hope Olana doesn't mind that there's two slices missing already. :D

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