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Knitting Knews!

I'm sure none of this comes as any surprise since proper planning in advance seems to be well beyond me of late, but there has been a rather dramatic shift in temperature of late and it's quite simply too freakin hot for me to work more on my sweater(!)
That's right, I'm so incredibly pleased to announce today that Sydney's temperature peaked at 30 degrees celcsius!!!
Bright and sunny and summer-time hot like that, it just wasn't a day to spend inside; so I put on my first flippy skirt of the season, packed up my stripy socks and spent some well needed sun-soaking time catching up on NPR podcasts and doing some serious sorting out of other things inside my head.

Noro Stripes One down

One sock is done! Plain stockinette knits go SO fast. These socks are tickling my fancy; I wanted interesting colour combinations and I'm certainly getting that! It's like The Noro Scarf I knitted last year.
I honestly can't say whether I love or loathe these socks; and the opinion changes like mercury depending on how I'm feeling or which angle I look at them or how the light hits them.

Noro Socks WIP

Right now I adore them because they match my skirt.
It's far too hot to be wearing wool socks right now though, but I do adore them.
*wriggles toes*


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