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So, About Those Not-Socks..

Fingerless Gloves WIP

Fingerless Gloves WIP

Fingerless Gloves WIP

My first pair of gloves. They are a lot of fun, I've decided that I adore cables.
They were also really quick to knit up but oh my goodness, all those those ends to sew in. DO NOT LIKE.

Still.. so worth it don't you think?
Not quite done yet, still have the thumb to do, then I need to do the second to make a pair.

Fingerless Gloves WIP

But still, working out the construction of new things is always a joy.

Heh, not a few minutes after uploading these photos from Flickr I got a message from Chris; he totally wants these!
At first I had a knee jerk NO MINE since they were intended to be for me, but then I remembered how I ended up thinking about him during the knitting of these the other night; mostly because the fingerless gloves remind me of him and his biking gloves. His hands aren't much bigger then mine so they should fit him just fine too. These are also "his colors" so really, it's kind of meant to be.

Plus he offered to barter for them by painting a kookaburra for me, since he's on a bird-painting kick of late :D

I've been fairly greedy of late anyways knitting myself all sorts of things. When I get approached by strangers when I'm knitting in public, the three questions I always get (in order) are:
1.) What are you doing? / Are you knitting?
2.) What are you making?
3.) Who is it going to be for?

It's always amusing to me that people assume you are going to be giving away what you knit to other people.
It's an assumption even to those who don't fully understand knitting that a big part of this craft is sharing your beauty with others in the form of gifts. 
I feel guilty when I answer the third question with "It's going to be for me!" even more so when they get that kind of disappointed expression after I tell them that too. Like I'm not holding up my end of the crafting compact, which I imagine to be something like:
Thou shalt use your talents to brighten the lives of others.

So these, when they are finished, will go to Chris.
He's a lucky boy.
But I'm a lucky girl to have him as a friend. :D

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