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When I start to feel down, one of my quick "get out of the rut" cheats is to go out on a walk and go in search of beauty in my world.
Bonus points if I carry along my camera to capture it.


Flowers and plants are an instant win for me. I adore them. I love taking photos of them.
They have a remarkable ability to cheer me up, and luckily here it is green and lovely all year round.
Even during winter you can find plants flowering and it's such a mood lifter!
Seasonal Depression?  Not here.


I recently went on a good long walk the other day and took a bunch of photos. Rather then spam you with one giant hard to load post of flowers upon more flowers I'm going to gradually upload  a few and post them every so often over the next week.
So I hope they do a bit to brighten your day as they do mine.


With love.
From the land of the green and gold.

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