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Knitting Knews Update!

In knitting knews projects are coming along nicely!

Gloves WIP

The gloves are progressing nicely despite a bit of a hiccup.
(Can you spot the mistake? It doesn't bother me quite so much, so I'm not going to go back and "fix" it. Besides, it adds to the appeal of being handmade, not being perfect)


Surprise! I have a back completed! Now to cast on for the front!

I managed to get myself in to the local knitting shop and bought replacement needles for the one I broke so I can get back to my Rogue sweater; as yet it hasn't been worked on more since last update though.

Oh, while I was there I also caved and bought some more yarn.

God Noro is so damn addictive. That's two skeins of their Silk Garden Sock yarn. Heaven!

P.S. Just a heads up, starting tomorrow I'm pulling the plug on my internet connection for one week; a self imposed exile if you will. I need to seriously buckle down and get some work done and I'm hoping by removing this big distraction, things will progress faster.
So if I disappear off the face of the internets for a while, don't panic! I'll be back in a week. :)
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