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Emerald Beach

Stormy Morning

I am currently back up at Emerald Beach for a week. Of course, as has now become routine, I brought the rain with me. I have yet to arrive here and not have my first day be stormy in some fashion!

Throughout Australia there are "big" things; the Big Prawn, the Big Pineapple, the Big Sheep, the Big Koala, the Big Beer Can. You can read more about it here on wikipedia.
The first of these Big things, however, started right here in Coffs Harbour with the Big Banana.
Big Banana

It's our "claim to fame" if you will. It's a tacky tourist stop, although I discovered today they've taken out the monorail ride which I used to adore (tackiest of all tacky, but it had GIANT BUGS ATTACKING BANANA TREES! And a REAL bunyip in the pond (omg!) IT DOESN'T GET BETTER THEN THAT PEOPLE!)
Now it's a money sink for all summer tourists up on holidays. To kickstart the holiday season they were having a big to-do which mum and I decided to go check out. Sadly not many people showed up due to the rain.

They did have a banana tossing game set up which seemed popular with the kids
Banana TossingBanana Tossing

Although there was much banana carnage as a result.

Another personal favorite Coffs Harbour destination is the Lake Russel Art Gallery which I had been informed had changed hands sometime over the year. It had re-opened just a week ago so mum and I decided to stop by and see what they've changed.

Russel Creek Gallery

Not much really, although they have prettied up the outside; it has always had a beautiful garden but someone's seemed to have put some order to it and installed a lot of water fountains.

Russel Creek Gallery

The gallery is also a bit of a Bed and Breakfast place too, a great place for traveling artists to stay as it's right on a beautiful pond.

Russel Creek Gallery

It's good to be back.
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