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Coffs Creek Walk

Today, since it was still overcast but not raining. Not sweltering hot, or too chilly, mum and I decided to go and do the Coffs Creek Walk path we've only been meaning to do forever. It's a bush-walk that basically runs along the creek that snakes its way through the centre of town.

Coffs Creek Walk

It's a salt water creek and is fed by the ocean and thus rises and falls with the tide. Along the shores are huge mangrove beds, and so much of the twisty turny pathway is up on boardwalks.

Coffs Creek Walk

But it also took us around the back of other out of the way places, such as the back of the Show Arena where all the old horse stables were.

Coffs Creek Walk

The whole loop is a good, long 9km walk. Mum and I completed the whole thing in roughly three hours which included a bit of a rest stop to get lunch at a small shop. It was a really remarkable walk though. We had a great time, saw lots of beautiful flowers, ran into some good messages:

Coffs Creek Walk

Ran into lots of charming locals:

Coffs Creek Walk

Coffs Creek Walk

And even came across some charming pieces of art tucked away in random corners:
Coffs Creek Walk Coffs Creek Walk Coffs Creek Walk

I have to admit though, my legs are really sore now after all that walking! A sure sign I'm not doing enough.


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Nov. 3rd, 2008 09:36 pm (UTC)
WOW!!! what a beautiful walk! And I love the locals, too. :D Thanks for sharing! :D
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