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Whale Play

The humpback whales are migrating back south for the warm summer months and they're bringing their calfs along with them. On their way down south there have been several at play just here off our coast.

Usually we've been seeing them in the afternoon, but this morning there was a group of three that were right in close towards the peninsula. The two babies in particular were getting right in near the rocks. After a little bit of up and down feeding the mum (or, I'm asusming it's the mum as she was the only adult whale that I could see) got a bit concerned perhapse and started a great show of tail and fin slapping. The babies immediatled started replying in same (I imagine the classic "aww mooooom" whine) but then immediatly zipped off away from the coast once more.

Just when I get to thinking this place couldn't possibly get any more magical, I spend my breakfast on the porch, drinking my cup of tea, listening to the steady rain and bird song and watch humpbacks journey by.

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