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Catching Up With the Other Locals

The roo population clearly is doing well and thriving. All the wee little joeys that were hopping around in mum's pouch the last time I was up here have now all been given the boot.

Baby Roo

Baby Roo

Another new favorite local buddie are these White Cheeked Honey Eaters that have started hanging around in the wattle tree. They are so cute! About the size of finches but have a much louder voice. They have some adolescant kidlets starting to fly around now too and I was watching them yesterday apparently trying to teach their little ones how to take off and land from the tree (in the rain no less!)

White Cheeked Honey Eater

Mum and I were keeping up running commentary on the developments, and after many tumbles down between the branches it seems the two little ones started to catch on. Hooray!

And two last shots overlooking Moonee beach. All the rain and storms from the previous nights at least manages to whip up some decent surfing waters which alllll the locals of course take full advantage of. I have no idea what the pecking order for who gets what wave goes, but I DO know that it's fierce out there!

Emerald Beach

Emerald Beach

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