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Beach Walking

I spent the morning with my grandpa doing some schoolwork, following the U.S. elections. Before I get to musing textually about that I'd like to share my little adventure when I went for a walk down to the beach closest to my grandparents place.

On the way I came across a pair of Black Cockatoos
Black Cockatoo
Belief is that for every black cockatoo you see, that's how many days of rain you'll have. I'll consider myself lucky that I only saw two then. Although it's a good thing to fill up the tanks, I'd really like to have at least one day of sunny weather before I head back down to Sydney.

The path down to the beach is lovely.
Beach WalkBeach Walk
Beach Walk

Down on the beach I was greeted with quite a surprise!

Loggerhead Turtle

I had read in the paper that a loggerhead turtle had been found nesting on Moonee Beach, but I'd never expect to see one myself. This is unusually far south for these turtles to be coming, so it was indeed quite a surprise to find this one on the beach. Sadly, this turtle did not seem very well at all.

Loggerhead Turtle

I actually found her on her back and thought her to be dead. I turned her over though and saw she was still alive. She had absolutely no energy at all, couldn't even manage a flap of her flippers to work towards the surf (which was coming in very strong.) A man came walking up behind me and he had a mobile on him so he called the wildlife services. In the meantime I rolled up my pantslegs and tried walking her beyond the immediate wave breaks but again, absolutely no energy to swim away despite a few attempts to flap her flippers.

Loggerhead Turtle

The beach we were on was also a no leash beach so not only were we worried about her getting beaten up by the waves but also worried that a dog could take too keen an interest in her. I couldn't stay, but the man I was with said that he would stay with her until the Services came. I hope she had a happy ending.

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