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Today mum and I took a trip down to Bellingen, a very pretty little shire just south of Coffs Harbour.
I adore Bellingen. It's essentially a hippy town. It was counter culture way back when and now all those hippies have kids. It is a huge music centre too, there's generally lots to do there. Lots of new age-y shops and holistic care.

Right before town is the old Butter Factory which is what our destination was. An old butter factory has been divided up into lots of little craft shops, there's a wood turners, a glass worker, lots of local fine artists and craftsmen sell their wares there. There's also a very, very nice leatherworker who I went to go see. My favorite (and only) belt of all time had gotten too big for me, and he was kind enough to punch a new hole for it to fit again (hooray for keeping pants up!) I also bought a new belt from him as well so now I have two! two belts! (ah! ah! ah!)
The grounds are lovely though.
One of the things that has changed here since the last time I'd visited is they've installed all these great junk sculptures like this beauty!

Love it!

With newly secured pants thanks to nifty new belt, mum and I headed into town propper to have a bit of a walkabout and visit one of our favorite shops:

Great, wide selection from kitchy tourist goodies to new age crystals and fairies to a surprisingly vast selection of books. You never know what you'll come across in that place!


Bellingen is a beautifully preserved country town, their main street is worth a visit just to see all the architecture!


I think someone there is a little bit confused though, or perhaps just a wishful thinker ;)

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