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Columns of Flowers

The botanical garden here in Coffs Harbour is exquisit, especially at this time of year when so many flowers within it are in bloom. I must have taken ten billion photos, enough to keep me going on "ooh, pretty flower!" posts for a long time for all of you ;)


These purple flowers immediatly caught my attention, and then completely gripped my imagination.
I have reoccuring dreams about these columns of vegetation usually I can move through and around them with ease. Usually they take the form of those amazing underwater kelp forests as I have many, many swimming dreams as well and often they mesh up.


But even as I was moving around these plants I could -feel- them becoming a part of my subconcious. How easily they could be substituted for kelp. How incredible it would be just to have columns of these that reach right up to the heavens.


The beautiful white tree behind these is a mock-orange. Usually it attracts a lot of bees, but not that day; all the bees in the whole garden must have been flying around these purple plants like mad!


How I envy them.


I have no idea what this plant is called. Mum and I even asked the volunteer staff that was on hand and they couldn't come up with the name of it either. Any plantlife buffs out there recognize these beauties?

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