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So, when we're having a family dinner at my grandparents place, usually we end up cooking and bringing the desserts. My mum, who has never been a big fan of cooking desserts throughout my lifetime has gone into this gung-ho and makes all sorts of sweets and treats for the family!
When I'm home I get to help with the cooking too, woo!

This week we decided to make a dark chocolate mud cake. Yummm!
So we get to cooking, and I'm snapping some in-progress photos with the intentions of sharing the recipe and process with all of you lovely folks if it came out edible.

IF turned out to be the key word. :P
Our oven is a bit of a hit and miss the dial for it is very odd and it tends to heat erratically so you never quite know what temperature it actually is at.
The recipe also called for the cake to bake for two and a half hours.

Well, long story short. We managed to have created the worlds most chocolatey brick!
Disaster Cake!

Which is such a shame in more ways then one. It smelled delicious when cooking, we used an absurd amount of chocolate in it; (chocolate lovers cover your eyes!!) 1,075 grams! And at this point our only real feastable back-up plan is to go find something in a shop.

Oh well, you take the disasters along with the successes!


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