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By far one of the most rewarding things of being an Aunt is getting messy with them during art and craft time. I'm so thrilled that both of them seem keen on creating, and both are imaginative and enthusiastic about art in their own ways.

Art Time

Both of them have their own art boxes which they pull out immediatly upon arrival to gran's place. Angela proudly quips. "I have new paints! I really like painting"
And after asking me if she could use my box of markers Isobell replies, "and -I- really like drawing!"
To which I sit down between them and say. "Well, I really like BOTH!"

And then proceed to do a drawing using both Isobell's markers and Angela's paints (in the SAME picture! *gasp*)

Their dear little minds were blown away.

BUT! That is not the big news!
I came prepaired this visit and planned my lure carefully.
Isobell fell for my bait hook line and sinker, and picked up my craft in five minutes tops.

First Knitting

After watching me make my ring (yellow, centre) I asked if she would like to try making one for herself.
She made the pink one for herself, then was so proud she was able to do it that she made one for her sister too.

I taught my niece to knit!
I'm so proud of her.


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