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Goodness, I'm working and working hard. This "9-5" nanny job is much more like an 8-6:30-7 job.


The girls are cute; hyper, a bit ADHD and hard to control at times, but imaginative and enthusiastic about being creative, and they love to swim (even if they don't like watermelon. WHAT THE HELL, WHO DOESN'T LIKE WATERMELON?!?!)
I am all moved out of the apartment; handed in the keys today.
Saturday I'm going to catch a train up to emerald beach to spend x-mas through new years up there.
I am swimming laps again, three times a week at least, and the other days I've been taking the girls to the beach and swimming there. I hadn't realized how much I missed it. I hadn't realized how out of shape I am. GOD I remember when every day I'd swim 1000s just for a warmup, and here I am struggling with swimming a simple 100 :P

I've taken lots of photos, but haven't had a chance or computer to upload them.
Soon though I'll be back up at Emerald and will be able to post more regularly more often.

And on that note I leave you with this:
SCENE: The two girls and I are outside in the backyard. I spot a kookaburra in a nearby tree.

KATE: *excited* Hey! Girls! You see that over there? There's a kookaburra in that tree!
SOPHIE: Yeah? So? It's just a kookaburra.
LARA: You're so AMERICAN, Kate.


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