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Could This Be Better?

Reading a comment from someone on my friendslist (which wasn't aimed at me) I realized that posting lots of large photos in your journal, which eventually shows up on the friends-pages of other people who choose to follow this blog can be annoying.

I have, played around with LJ cuts in the past, and I do severly cull the many photos I could choose from to share only a choice few on the blog, and I try and be consciencious of people who probably wouldn't want to see yet another photo of some random flower, or aussie bird.

But, to be honest, I don't really want to.

I'm proud of my photos, and I'm enamoured with my visual surroundings and want to share them with folks.
I don't want to put things behind LJ cuts and I'm not sure I can cut back to posting less photos (I'd only end up posting more single posts and that could be just as annoying!)
What I COULD do is go get another blog for my photography and keep this one to personal matters which I have no problem doing; I've been thinking of setting up a place that's just for my photos anyways.

Sooo.. feedback? Please? I'm going to try and figure out the whole poll thing in a moment, but comments are also screened; so feel free to be candid there as well.

Poll #1322931 Regarding My Postings

Are my photographic posts annoying you?

Only the ones that include more then two or three photos at a time
Other (Please comment and explain!)


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