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Short-beaked Corellas

I do have to admit, I get a little bit excited when I can share a new local bird.


During my last year of high school (or perhapse the last two years, I'm not sure) I worked in the afternoons for a couple who lived down my street. They worked with a parrot rescue program in the states; they took in several confiscated parrots as well as bred a few species as well. They had something between twenty-thirty birds in their house! It was very noisy to say the least ;)

The five (later, six) birds that were up in the atrium, however, were their own pets and one of which was a long-beaked Corella named Joe.
Joe and I got along quite well actually; he and I would have lengthy conversations and dance to rock 'n roll music.
Long-beaked Corellas are much more rare and not in this area, I don't think, but these short-beaked cousins certainly are!


They don't often come around to Emerald Beach, I cought this rather sizeable flock at Boambee Creek on Angela's birthday.


Every time I see them, I can not resist going "Hello, Joe!"
Sadly, I got no response from these guys.

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