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2008 Knitting Review

So I decided to go back through my journal and put together a big list of all the things that I ended up knitting in 2008.
These are only the finished goods; I'm not including any projects that I started and frogged, or are not finished yet.
It's a good thing I kept these (reasonably) up-to-date in LJ or I'd never have managed to remember them all!

(Warning, lots of (small) photos back here!)

Scrappy Rabbit! - from a knitting book I own
Done originally just for fun (and an excuse to work with more Noro!) eventually given to Olena as a gift; she was planning on opening up her own baby child-care centre in her house, but that plan fell by the wayside. The rabbit still has an excellent home though!

Washcloth - Done from a stitch pattern I found via Ravelry
Done for a gift exchange on Ravelry.

Baby Singlet - pattern from Australian Knitting magazine Creative Knitting
Done as a present for my cousin Sandra upon the birth of her baby Michael!

knitting 045
Hoofin' It Socks - Following the Thuja pattern from Knitty
Done as a request/present for Chris.

Easter Bun
Easter Bunny (x2) - a little free pattern I found via Ravelry (or google, can't remember!)
I did two of these, one for each of my nieces as an Easter present.

Fake Isle Hat
Fake Isle 2 - Fake Isle pattern!
My second version of this hat, what can I say ; easy pattern, LOVELY results! I kept this one since it's on the small size (luckily, I have a small head!)

Finished Kana Doll
Kanawinkie! - pattern by Barbara Prime
By far one of my favorite projects of this year, my very own Kana-doll (with dress!)

Finished Bei
Beiame - modified the CraftyAlien cow pattern
My own version of Beiame; my tauren from World of Warcraft ^_^

Saltos - Saltos pattern from knitty
My most complicated socks done to date. I love them, but I would love them even more if I didn't have such fat ankles!

Barrier Reef Vaycay 030
Noro RPMs- RPM pattern on Knitty
More socks for me!

finished sproingy!
Great Barrier Reef Socks - Sproingy pattern from knitty
Love these socks so much more then I thought I would; the serendipity of them reminding me of that I trip I took up to the barrier reef still tickles my fancy!

Baby Socks
Teeny-tiny socks - my own pattern(?)
Baaaaaby socks! Playing around with leftover sock yarn

Finished Monkeys
Noro Monkeys - Monkey sock pattern on knitty
Even more socks for me!

Stripy Socks!
Random Stripes Socks! - My own pattern
Using up the left-over Noro from the previous two socks. Just knit; changing colours whenever the mood struck me. I have to admit, these are my favorite socks I've done to date.

Finished Gloves
Fingerless Mitts - Knotty pattern found via Ravelry
Originally done for myself, but Chris insisted not once, but twice that he neeeded these! And after a brief consideration, I couldn't agree more. These should be somewhere in the mail towards you now Chris <3

Noro Kerchief
Noro Kerchief - Simple Striped Kerchief pattern found via Ravelry
This was a very simple case of Monkey See, Monkey Want, Monkey Do. I wore it for two weeks straight after finishing it, and I still adore it.

First Knitting
Knit Rings - my own pattern.
AHAHAHAHAHA I taught Isobell how to knit! *WINS!*
Oh hey! There's my favorite Noro Striped socks in the background there too! (Hell, I'm even wearing them right now!)

Knit Frog
Noro Frog - A pattern I perchased that I found via Ravelry (I forget the designers name off the top of my head.. sorry!)
Done as a present for baby Anna's first birthday. Her mum (my cousin Jo) is obsessed with frogs! So this is a present as much for Jo as it is Anna. ;)

Branching Out Scarf
Branching Out- Branching Out Scarf Pattern, found via Ravelry
I'm calling this one a finish since all that's left for it as a good blocking. Originally chose to be a present for my mum, but then she doesn't really wear scarfs so I was trying to come up with someone else to give it to. But then, upon later discussion with mum she's changed her mind and wants it afterall. Yaay!

Mystery Sock Half - Through The Loops Mystery Sock Along pattern
This is the best photo I have of it, alas. I only ended up finishing one half of the pair; I'm sure I'll get up to knitting its mate sometime in 2009... maybe ;)

Phew! Busy year! Here's hoping 2009 will be just as productive!


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