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Automatic Uploader?

So, if you remember those "test" posts a couple of days ago, I've been trying to find a way that I could que up a bunch of entries and have them automatically uploaded to LJ once a day.
I make my posts in Semagic - and they do have a "Queue" function but unless I'm doing it wrong, it's still not quite what I need (You need to be logged into Semagic in order for it to go through with the post, and even then it doesn't do it completely on its own..)

So, does anyone know of some feature or program that will allow me to queue up a bunch of posts, that will post regardless if I'm at a computer or not and will post at a specific date and time I tell it to?

I'm back down to Sydney on Sunday to finish up this Nanny job which means little to no internet for two weeks and I'd like to keep sharing some backlog of photos if I can.

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