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So, I've fallen out of use of my planner and I've noticed the lack of organiation Does Not Help Me during the year, so I'm feeling determined to try and keep up one this year.

I spent some time looking over available, commerical diaries but, feeling crafty and having the free time to start things going; I decided to make my own!
It's still (and will be, all year) a loving work in progress, but so far I'm pleased with the layout I settled on:

Planner: 100 Photos page
The current thing in the front of the book; I left plenty of free space at the beginning to add in things; I think I want to print out my 101 in 1001 list and keep it in the front as a reminder as well.

Planner: January
Each month will begin with a monthly overlay where I'm keeping track of holidays, birthdays and other super important things.
The 26th this year is both Australia Day AND the Chinese New Year; it's the year of the Ox this coming year so of course it shall be represented by my tauren :P /moo

Planner: Week 1
Week 1

Planner: Week 2
Week 2 (so far)

I do not plan that it will be this colourful or doodle-ful for the rest of the year, but if I can keep it interesting enough for me, hopefully I can keep up with it all year!

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