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Of Mornings and Drawing Groups.


The sunrises here can be just as lovely as the sunsets, and look! No rainclouds!
My sleep schedule has become a completely "natural" one in that I'm sleepy and going to bed soon after the sunsets, and I'm waking very early to watch the sunrise.
I have to say, I have never felt better too.

Life Drawing

Last night I went to a life drawing group that's at the local Coffs Gallery. I haven't done anything like this since I left Uni! (Apart from an occasional Dr. Sketchy's in Boston or two)
It was at 4:30pm instead of 7 like I thought which sent off little warning bells in my head and sure enough, I was the youngest there by decades.
BUT there was a sizeable group; a good ten to thirteen of us and the model was beautiful.
The only bad thing?
It aaalmost drove me nuts. I must remember to take my ipod next time.
I also need to find better conte crayons. These ones I found are crap.
wtb charcoal plz.

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